FloormarX® Set


  • Extra-large rugged marker writes on well-sealed wood floors and other non-porous floor surfaces
  • Ink will not smear or come off on wet shoes or sweaty hands/bodies and clothes (ideal for younger students who may be sitting on marked spots etc.)
  • Ink will stay down through most types of custodial cleanings
  • Cleans off with FloormarX Foot Wipes (tested as safe for your floors and leave no slippery residue behind)
  • Great for making small symbols, letters, numbers, dashed lines etc. that will not be too large to clean up
  • Huge ink supply lasts as long as four rolls of average floor tape


Product Features

Floormarx set includes:

  • One Green Floormarker
  • One Blue Floormarker
  • One Canister Cleaning Foot Wipes

Where to Buy

BSN Sports
School Health
S&S Worldwide
School Specialty
Toledo Physical Education Supply
US Games
Palos Sports

Technical Info

Technical Data Sheet

Floormarker Safety Data Sheet

Foot Wipes Safety Data Sheet

FloormarX Coefficient of Friction/ Slip Test


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