FloormarX® H2O Performance Pack


  • Extra-large rugged marker writes on well-sealed wood floors and other non-porous floor surfaces
  • Cleans off most well-sealed floors with just water and FloormarX R&R Foot Towels (use FloormarX Foot Wipes for any possible ghosting that may be left behind)
  • Ink may clean off with some types of custodial cleanings
  • Great for making small symbols, letters, numbers and dashed lines that will be used by students and athletes who will not be sitting on marks or wearing wet shoes
  • Huge ink supply lasts as long as five rolls of average floor tape

Now Our Best Seller! 5 bright bold colors that clean off most sealed floor types with water and FloormarX Rinse & Re-use Foot Towels. Use the Cleaning Foot Wipes for any possible ghosting or for marks left down too long.

Product Features

FloormarX® H2O Performance Pack includes:

  • 1 H2O Red
  • 1 H2O Orange
  • 1 H2O Green
  • 1 H2O Blue
  • 1 H2O Purple
  • 1 Can Foot Wipes
  • 1 Bag of 20 R&R Foot Towels