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The University of Pittsburgh Men’s Basketball Program has been using our FloormarX H2O products. Here is what their Director of Operations, Joe Piccolo, had to say:

“Here at the Petersen Events Center, our University of Pittsburgh basketball team used the FloomarX markers with great success. These markers went on easily and cleaned up just as well. They were able to save us quite a bit of money on marking tape and also prevented us from potentially removing part of the floor finish every time we decided to use tape. I can wholeheartedly endorse the use of these markers after spot-checking confirms that they will work on your floor.”

Joe Piccolo

Director of Operations at the Petersen Events Center

Coach Brian Greene
15+ yr. High School PE Teacher

Mrs. Dianne Carola
40+ year dance instructor

Coach Joanne Hostig
20+ year Elementary PE Teacher

Steve Dagostino
2 Time All American/Euro Pro
Trainer and Owner of “Dags Basketball”

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