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FloormarX FAQs, Tips and Tricks

Do the FloormarX Floor Markers or Foot Wipes make the floor slippery to move on?

No. In fact, independent safety slip testing has shown that the coefficient of friction remains between 0.5 – 0.7 with the ink on the floor and after cleaning it up, as required by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association.

Are FloormarX products safe for the finish of our sealed wood floors?

Yes. In fact, one of the top wood sports floor care companies in the United States has tested our Floor Markers and Foot Wipes, and found that they did not harm the sealed finish of their floors.

After our gym floor is re-finished, how long do we need to wait to use FloormarX products on it?

Cure time for newly sealed floors varies greatly. Being able to walk on a floor does not mean it is fully cured. FloormarX should not be used on recently sealed floors that have not had time to fully cure (in rare cases over two months), as staining may occur. Always test FloormarX on multiple small inconspicuous areas of the floor before full use.

How long does it take the marker to dry before you can move on it?

Drying time varies with floor surface condition, temperature, and humidity, but the average time is about two minutes.

How long does it take for the floor to dry after being cleaned with FloormarX Foot Wipes?

Our wipes are designed to leave the floor clean and dry within seconds, with no wet soapy mess to clean up.

How long will FloormarX markers last?

There is enough ink in our huge markers to write a line up to 300 yards long with the widest part of the tip. That is as much as five rolls of average floor tape.

How long will a canister of FloormarX Foot Wipes last?

There are 50 wipes per canister, and each wipe can clean a line of ink over 12 feet long on average. After opening a canister, if kept closed when not in use, it will last for over 3 months.

How long can I leave the marker on the floor?

We recommend cleaning the ink off the floor after each use. Different floor surfaces have better results than others when marker is left down for extended periods of time, depending on the floor’s seal, how clean the floor is, and how much wear the markers have received. We are aware that some people have had positive results cleaning their floors even after markers have been down for over a month.

Do FloormarX markers stain the floor?

No, not when used correctly on appropriate floor surfaces. FloormarX markers are designed to be used on clean well-sealed floors, and to be wiped off after each use with FloormarX Foot Wipes. We always suggest testing FloormarX products in small inconspicuous areas of your floor before regular use.

What is the best way to keep my FloormarX markers writing well?

Always replace the cap securely to keep the tip from drying out. Be sure the floor is well-sealed and clean. If the marker tip gets dirty, clean it by soaking it in water for three seconds. Make sure the marker tip is pressed fully into the marker body. If necessary, stand the marker on its cap to improve ink flow.

How do I get the best cleaning results from my FloormarX Foot Wipes?

Pull the first wipe from the center of the roll and remove it thru the pop top, keeping the lid closed whenever not in use, to avoid pre-mature drying of the wipes. Clean with the wipe immediately after removing it from the canister to avoid it drying out. Unfold the wipe completely and clean using your foot on top of the wipe. Place your foot on different areas of the wipe as you clean, using direct pressure to ensure maximum cleaning capacity. Use dots and dashed lines, instead of full lines, to save on ink, wipes, and cleaning time!

What if the FloormarX Foot Wipes don’t fully clean my floor?

If the markers and wipes are used correctly, the ink will clean off. However, marker stains or ghosting that may occur if the floor quality is not good, or the markers are left down and heavily travelled on for longer periods of time, have various solutions. Time and wear may naturally remove the ink, but if immediate removal is necessary we suggest using the Hillyard Glacier pad with Hillyard Pre-Game cleaner. When floors are refinished, any stains will easily be removed.

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