Safe. Smart. Easy.

Why FloormarX?


FloormarX can greatly decrease the risk of injury from tripping, sliding or falling on cones, floor tape, poly spots, rope ladders, rubber bases, etc.
FloormarX Foot-Wipes leaves your floor clean, and they dry very quickly leaving no slippery wet mess behind.


FloormarX extra wide markers are easy to use and dry quickly.
Our durable ink holds up to heavy foot traffic.
Stop wasting time re-setting cones, or putting down and tearing up floor tape.
FloormarX won’t leave a mess behind to clean up, or tear off the polyurethane seal on your floor.


Multi-colors make learning easier and more fun.
Three widths of lines allow creativity for many varied uses.
Draw symbols, write words and numbers, make arcs and circles- not just straight lines anymore!
Write for up to 300 yards- that’s five rolls of regular floor tape!

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